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ATS Let It Roll 2015

Let It Roll Dyno Day

Kicking off the NWDC
By Jeffrey V. Shirts

The first weekend of March in the Rocky Mountains of Arvada, Colo., ATS Diesel Performance hosted its Let It Roll Dyno Day on Saturday the 7th. ATS� third annual dyno event also marked the first official event of the Northwest Dyno Circuit.

Located in Arvada, close to the burgeoning metropolis of Denver, ATS Diesel Performance is a long-time manufacturer of diesel aftermarket parts and is a large contributor to diesel sports and competitions throughout the Rocky Mountain region and beyond. Working together with other diesel garages and performance shops, ATS has grown both its springtime Let It Roll Dyno Event, and its autumnal Diesels on the Mountain events as premier examples of diesel sports and competitions.

As one of the largest companies and loudest voices in supporting the diesel community, ATS was the ideal place to kick off spring and the dyno circuit. Starting at 8 in the morning, people and trucks began to line up to register and compete in the various different dyno events planned for that day. Because of the combined opening event of the Northwest Dyno Circuit and being one of the first dyno competitions of the new year, Let It Roll Dyno event pulled in several trucks and diesel sport fans from surrounding states, including Idaho, Utah and others.

The 2015 event was different than past Let It Roll Dyno Days ATS had hosted, as this was the first event to feature two dynos, one outside the building, and the other their in-house dyno. The portable dyno was opened for all trucks wanting to test and post how their current build performed. The inside dyno was reserved for �the Gauntlet Challenge,� a high horsepower competition of winner takes all.

As the day wore on, the Gauntlet continued to be the focus of the event. Trucks were allowed to post the highest combined horsepower and torque any way they wanted to win the prize. With those rules, and accounting for the mile high elevation of Colorado, many trucks opted to spray nitrous over their intakes to increase performance.

The Northwest Dyno circuit drivers competed in the Gauntlet for official scores.

As the afternoon wore one, ATS pulled out the stops and offered free drinks and entertainment for the gathered spectators. Diesel Sellerz.com brought an extended six door diesel and challenged anyone to a tug-of-war. After hitching to their second challenger, Alligator Performance took them down.

With the start of Northwest Dyno Circuit underway there are still numerous points to grab and the race to 2000hp is on. The next NWDC event will be on April 18th, in Orem, Utah, at No Zone Diesel. Those who have joined the competition are ready to move to the next event and compete. Ultimately, competing consistently at the events will net more points than winning one or two competitions throughout the series. Knowing that, things just got interesting in the Northwest Dyno Circuit.