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No Zone Diesel Dyno Day Recap

No Zone Diesel 2nd Open House

And Northwest Dyno Circuit Event

By Jefffrey V. Shirts


On Friday, April 17th, the Northwest Dyno Crew drove their SuperFlow portable dyno down to Dmitri’s shop to set it up for the second official dyno event of the circuit and to celebrate No Zone Diesel’s second annual open house.

Before the event kicked off early Saturday morning, the NWDC crew met with Dmitri to set up and test the dyno. After the dyno and the surrounding area by No Zone Diesel was set up for the event, Dmitri and the NWDC crew hosted a welcoming party, eager to meet the different people that came in from out of state to be a part of the event.

Flown in from Colorado was Aaron Bauldree, marketing director at ATS Diesel Performance (www.atsdiesel.com), who set up the NWDC website and the live streaming of the event. Almost the entire team from Industrial Injection (www.industrialinjection.com) was there with their truck, chasing the 2000hp challenge. Verlon Southwick of Adrenaline Truck Performance drove in from Meridian, near Boise, Idaho, to compete, and Lyle Richmond drove down from Bully Dog as well. A big part of the diesel community and support of the Northwest Dyno Circuit, Dave Sparks, Keaton Hoskins, and Diesel Dave from Diesel Sellerz (www.sellerz.com) drove their popular 2012 Ram Quad Cab extended truck, which premiered at SEMA in 2014. Assisting No Zone Diesel with their event was Husker Diesel Performance (www.huskerdiesel.com) and Opti-Lube Diesel Fuel Additive (www.opti-lube.com).  

“There is never a dull moment,” remarked Dmitri, owner of No Zone Diesel, while preparing for the open house and the dyno event the night before. Before the event kicked off on Saturday, trucks were already rolling into the area, “We had about 20 preregistered by 6 PM on Friday. Last year before my first open house we were wrenching on trucks till the crack of dawn! This year, it was an up-all-night party with my boys from Industrial Injection; sleep was out the window again. These open houses are gonna be the death of me.”

Kicking Off the Event

By 9 AM on Saturday the parking lot at No Zone Diesel was packed with trucks from through Utah, Idaho, and beyond. Starting the morning with stock trucks, the Northwest Dyno Circuit crew and Millard’s team worked together quickly and professionally, reflecting the years of work and cooperation between the two companies.


Millard and the No Zone Diesel made a name for themselves in 2014 when Millard famously pushed his truck too far during the Northern Utah Diesel Experts. This year, a large group of people gathered not only to watch and be part of the diesel sport, but to also see if any fireworks might occur this year at his open house.

By the early afternoon a decent crowd had gathered. Food services were available on site and the dyno team was quickly processing trucks. As the morning ended and the afternoon was getting underway, Diesel Sellerz held an exhibition and dynoed their mammoth build. After three runs, the truck posted a final score of 594 horsepower.

Millard’s truck was not ready for event, and Millard didn’t even attempt to test the truck. Also, finding themselves reworking and modifying their blue Duramax, Custom Auto also did not have a truck present at the event. With these two titans of horsepower and torque out of commission for the dyno event, Dustin Hembury, performance engine specialist at Industrial Injection, readied their drag truck with dreams of being the first truck to hit the 2000 mark.

The first run warmed the dyno and the truck up for what was to be a monstrous second run. With the crowd watching in anticipation, Hembury pushed the truck and stomped the petal. As the turbo whistled and the engine purred, almost before anyone could realize what had happened, the truck threw a rod out bottom of the engine through the oil pan. Broken parts and pieces rained from under the truck in a wash of oil spilling profusely onto the dyno. Not hindered by this delay, the team had trucks back on the dyno as quickly as possible, pushing through to the end of the day’s event.

“We were very pleased at the turnout, and people seemed to really enjoy the fact that they could see live results on their phone and not have to rely on a white marker board,” said Brandon Pierce, director of operations for the Northwest Dyno Circuit. “Last year we dynoed 17 trucks and this year we did 44 which is a great increase for a new event! Things seemed to go a lot smoother and felt more organized.”

Coming Up!

April 25th has the Northwest Dyno Circuit returning to their hometown of Idaho Falls, with an event scheduled at Redshift Performance and Tuning. This will be the third event of the circuit, and one that will be important for earning points toward the series championship. We hope to see you there!



Throughout the day 44 trucks were dynoed.