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RedShift Dyno Event 4-2015

RedShift Performance & Tuning

Every point counts

By Jeffrey V. Shirts

In a circuit every event counts. The third event of the Northwest Dyno Circuit was at

RedShift Performance & Tuning in Idaho Falls. This event rides on the heels of the No

Zone Diesel event and comes one week before the Industrial Injection event. With the

circuit under full swing, every point at every event matters and those that participate and

attend in the most events will always have the best opportunity in earning the big prizes

at the end payout.

RedShift’s event started at 8 in the morning and continued through the afternoon until

every truck was dynoed. The Frosty Gator, a local restaurant, was on the site with food

and drinks.

RedShift is a little different than most of the dyno events and diesel garage shops that will

host dyno events for the circuit, in that they are not specialized in only diesel

performance, but also in high-end performance automobiles.

RedShift describes themselves as:

We have a unique set of skills and abilities at RedShift. We buy and sell vehicles

as well as modify them, install performance parts, and dyno tune.

We have an AWD chassis dyno with dual eddy brakes, which allows us to load

high power cars for precise tuning. We have a full service shop which allows us to

pull engines, rebuild transmissions, suspension alignments, and install any part or

accessory. We have experience working on average cars as well as high end cars

like Porsche, Lotus, Infinity, Dodge Viper, and more.

We are also a licensed auto dealer, and buy insurance write-offs like theft

recoveries and flood vehicles. We return them to factory condition and sell them

at a cost savings to our customers. There is nothing we cannot do at RedShift.

With a third of the events completed, the future of the circuit continues to grow with new

people signing on and more venues ramping up for the busy summer months ahead. May

will be busy with events in Salt Lake City, Utah at Industrial Injection, Boise Idaho,

Abbotsford, B.C., Canada, and in Denver as well. With numerous events stretched across

the region there are a lot of events and a lot of points to score in what will be remembered

as a busy kickoff to Spring.