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Driver Profile: Johnny Ramirez

Driver Profile

For The Love Of Dynos

Johnny Ramirez loves a challenge

By Brady L. Kay

Fusion Bumpers is a family-owned business based in Idaho and each bumper designed

and built in its Payette facility are 100 percent made in the U.S.A. While you could make

a strong case for the quality being one of the leading factors of the company’s success,

most would argue it’s the owner and his dedication to the industry that has helped the

bumper company grow in a short amount of time.

Johnny Ramirez owns Fusion Bumpers and he first developed a passion for diesels after

he bought a 2005 Power Stroke and got hooked up with Bully Dog through a mutual


“They used my truck as a ‘Beta Test Vehicle’ and from there I was hooked,” recalls

Johnny. “I opened an E-Commerce site in late 2005 selling all kinds of products.”

While the 6.0L Power Stroke is credited for truly getting him hooked in the diesel

industry, his first diesel was a 2002 7.3L Ford that included a full Banks Power kit, Fab

Tech lift, Weld Wheels and a A.R.E. tonneau cover.

“It was loaded with a lot of great features including a drop down monitor and I even had

an Xbox installed,” says Johnny. 

From there Johnny went to a 2006 Mega Cab and that’s when he realized his trucks could

help promote his diesel site and what they had to offer while he helped grow his


In the inaugural season of the Northwest Dyno Circuit, you’re sure to run across Johnny

at several of these events. Competing on the dyno is not new, in fact, it’s something

Johnny truly enjoys being apart of.

“Dyno events are a nice friendly competition and I enjoy showing my trucks and

answering questions,” explains Johnny. “Customers can see the entire spectrum of trucks

ranging from daily drivers to unlimited budget builds.” 

This season Johnny has set a goal for himself to break the 1000 horsepower mark with his

1998 Dodge Ram 12-valve that is fully built. He also has a 2011 Super Duty, but it’s his

Ram that he has invested a lot of time and money into after it got off to a bad start.

“I bought the 1998 Ram in Oklahoma and it was a nightmare,” recalls Johnny. “I first

saw the truck at ATS and it had some nice mods. The customer took it home and after a

month of going back and forth I bought the truck and had it shipped to me. The guy

trashed the truck and even pulled off moldings, leaving the residue and glue. I had to

have the entire thing painted to fix it.”

Turns out the issues went deeper than just the exterior. Johnny took the truck back to

ATS and had them start pulling it apart and that’s when he realized that some of the parts

and modifications that he claimed to have done were not done at all. And too add to the

nightmare, the engine blew up within the first 1,000 miles after he bought it.

“I had to get a brand new engine built, including upgraded pistons, performance cam, big

valves, ported head, shave the intake plenum off, cryo treatment throughout, fully

balanced, DDP competition p-pump and injectors, Big Twin custom turbos, High Tech

inter cooler, Snow Performance kit, etc.,” says Johnny. “The highlights include all that

was done to the engine, plus the Stage 6 ATS transmission, complete audio system and

the Kelderman Air Ride 4 link kit in the rear.” 

While his 1998 RAM turned out to be more project that he originally planned for, Johnny

is happy with where the truck stands today and is looking forward to reaching his goal of

1000hp this summer at one of the next NWDC events. Will his truck hit the mark, only

time will tell?