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Industrial Injection Dyno Day

Industrial Injection Recap

By Jeffrey V. Shirts

The beginning of May in Salt Lake City, Utah, was the perfect day to converge at

Industrial Injection for multiple dynos, two show ’n shines, a meet and greet with the

crew of Industrial Injection, other sponsors from the area, and of course, the NWDC.

Two weeks ago diesel enthusiasts descended on Orem at No Zone Diesel for their Open

House and NWDC Dyno Event, and on Saturday, May 2nd, the showing and attendance

in Salt Lake City was strong. And Utah, showing their love and enthusiasm for all things

diesel came out in larger numbers with more trucks than previously, foreshadowing what

will be a crazy popular series. This was the first event, since the kick-off at ATS in

Arvada, Colo., to have two dynos, and, with the large turn out, both dynos were needed to

keep the trucks turning.

Inside Industrial Injection’s headquarters, stock trucks and single turbo class were

dynoed, while outside on the Northwest Dyno Circuit mobile dyno the twin, compound,

and open classes trucks queued.

Industrial Injection was a gracious host in this second Utah event in two weeks time.

Providing water and food on the house for attendees, there was always something to do

and a way to participate. Over 80 trucks were dynoed, with more than 20 trucks in the

higher performance classes.

At roughly 2:30 PM, No Zone Diesel, Custom Auto, and Industrial Injection lined their

trucks in the parking lot to prepare for their attempt at hitting the vaulted and mythical 2k

horsepower mark. Custom Auto had recently installed a third CP3 pump to their blue

truck, and unfortunately needed some fine tuning on the engine to get it to the desired and

consistent performance just about everyone realizes that it can achieve. Dmitri of No

Zone Diesel had an excellent run, but was unable to dethrone the king on their home turf.

Like Lazarus raised from the dead, in less than two weeks since throwing a rod through

the oil pan at No Zone Diesel, Industrial Injection was able to rebuild and resurrect their

race truck in time for it to claim the ultimate victory of the day.

Still, the throne of 2k is empty with numerous contenders seriously eyeing the prize. Next

week the NWDC crew will be at Gorilla Performance in Rexburg, Idaho, and the circuit