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Gorilla Performance Dyno Day Recap

Gorilla Performance Dyno Day

By Jeffrey V. Shirts

The Northwest Dyno Circuit has 27 different events planned over the course of March to October 2015, and while every event counts and is important, the highlight of the series will be when a fully modified truck breaks over 2000 horsepower on the dyno for the first time. And on Saturday, May 9th, at Gorilla Performance’s event in Rexburg, Idaho, after failing to break the vaulted 2k at Industrial Injection in Salt Lake City the weekend before, Dmitri Millard of No Zone Diesel brought his truck to the small, rural town of Rexburg, Idaho, to break 2k.

Starting at 9 AM, Gorilla Performance had numerous vendors at the event, representing their parts, services, and products. Sponsors and vendors that were present included BD Diesel, who is hosting their own event in BC, Canada, as part of the NWDC on May 23rd; Bully Dog, whose Dog Days of Summer event is planned for later in the season, on July 17th; and Industrial Injection, and numerous others. Working together with a local radio station, KBER 101, located out of Idaho Falls, was there broadcasting the event and especially the highlights. Food was provided by local truck.

For the big event, the chase to 2,000 horsepower, Millard was the only truck that has a real opportunity to break the record. With countless parts in his truck, and modifications intended only for use on the dyno, monstrous horsepower trucks are rare in the industry. At the Gorilla Event, Millard had tuned and tweaked his engine considerably after the Industrial Injection event the weekend before. Over the course of the week, Millard posted on his Facebook profile that he had broken over 1800hp on fuel alone several times and was ready for the event in Rexburg to finally claim the title as the Horsepower King. On Millard’s fuel only run he hit an impressive 1788hp. Taking a few minutes to adjust his truck for the nitrous he was going to apply, Millard hit the petal hard when starting his first open nitrous run and unfortunately, he blew the gasket of an up-pipe, stopping the run before he was able to even start his nitrous attempt.

The final results of the day showed Brad Clark won the Stock Class with 558hp, Cody Cameron won the 6.4L stock class with 564hp, Taylor Brendle (NWDC Member) won the Modified Single Class—returning winner from Industrial Injection’s Modified Single Class only a week before—posted 833hp, Dmitri Millard (NWDC Member) won the Compound/Twin Turbo Class with 1788hp, which also marks the second event he won in the NWDC, and finally Taylor Brendle won the Unlimited class with 961hp.