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Meet the Sponsors - Fass Fuel Systems

FASS is an acronym meaning Fuel Air Separation System, and operates as both a diesel fuel lift

pump and fuel filtration system improving fuel mileage, engine performance, and extends the life

of diesel injection systems. Stemming from their love of performance diesel trucks, and diesel

sport, FASS is one of the main sponsors of the Northwest Dyno Circuit.

“We are sponsoring the Northwest Dyno Circuit because we love diesel trucks,” said Danny

LaRue, sales and marketing at FASS Diesel Fuel Systems. “Everything we do around here is

diesel oriented. The NWDC does a great deal generating publicity and is very popular in and

among the diesel industry. It’s a good outlet to get people into diesel sports and competitions.”

FASS fuel systems are a part of most trucks, and adding a FASS system is usually one of the

first modifications diesel truck owners add after purchasing. By filtering the fuel and increasing

the pressure of the fuel line, FASS Fuel Pumps are a must. Features of a FASS system include

pre-set to desired fuel pressure; filters water, air, and debris from diesel fuel; extends injectors

and injection pump life; improves cold weather starts; decreases harmful emissions; improves

fuel mileage, and numerous other benefits.

Not only are FASS systems great for daily drivers, work trucks, and haulers, FASS fuel systems

are also available on commercial diesel trucks, with products specifically designed for trucking,

and long distance hauling of large shipments.

“We want people to know that you don’t have to have a performance truck to use our systems.

Our systems are great for over-the-road drivers, as well as daily drivers. We are making a

concentrated push in the Class-8 trucks and drivers.”

Since joining the NWDC, FASS has experienced an impressive increase in their marketing

efforts and its impact. “We have seen the impact on social media, and we are getting more

phone calls and an upsurge in social media,” LaRue continued. “It’s good exposure, for

customers, shops, etc. We will definitely sponsor the NWDC in the future. I don’t see any reason

why we wouldn’t.”