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RKL event recap

On May 23rd in Springville, Utah, RKL Diesel hosted a Northwest Dyno Circuit event that drew in large crowds eager to see high powered diesel trucks and hopefully be present for the first truck to break 2000 horsepower in the circuit. Founded in 2000, this was the first RKL Diesel Performance dyno event on the circuit and was a huge success, beside the inclement weather, with a large turnout of participants, vendors, and spectators alike.

Drawing in crowds from the greater northern Utah and southeastern Idaho, the big names of the dyno circuit were in attendance, including Dmitri Millard as he continued his quest to break the 2k limit. Highlights from the event included when RKL’s shop Duramax hit a 1009hp. This was especially exciting for the shop as it was the first time that they had dynoed their truck and they were pleased that it hit over 1000 horsepower. A new truck, not a lot has been added to their Duramax with the exception of adding a second turbocharger in a twin turbo design. The RKL shop truck is easy to notice and remember, thanks to the unique paint design and custom work by Dave Christensen.

Afterward, Millard dynoed his truck and came just shy of breaking the record, hitting an impressive 1940hp. Looking forward to future events, Millard was positive that it was merely a matter of time before he finally hit the vaulted 2k.

The event was attended by several hundred people and brought out numerous vendors, including BD Diesel and Big-O Customs.

“We were excited to be a host for the Northwest Dyno Circuit and look forward to hosting future events,” confided Trevin Willis, co-owner of RKL Diesel Performance. “At RKL we specialize in huge diesel power, and the transmissions to hold it. The dyno circuit is a perfect venue to share our work and builds with other diesel enthusiasts.”

RKL Diesel Performance is dedicated to building performance diesels and providing the highest quality products, services, and knowledge for professional diesel competitors and enthusiasts a like. RKL Performance Diesel is a strong addition to the Northwest Dyno Circuit and a great source of support to the industry.