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Featured Member: Caden Knight

Caden Knight from Riverton/Salt Lake City area is one of the key competitors and drivers of the

Northwest Dyno Circuit in the Modified Single Class. With a large assortment of changes to the

interior of his engine, Caden’s 2007 Chevy 2500 is poised to post huge horsepower and torque

while still remaining in the Modified Single Class. As such, he is one of the main circuit

members to watch as he advances in the circuit.

And what does Caden have underneath the hood? Thanks to Custom Auto, and Industrial Injection Caden has everything needed to push his truck to the next level and

make him one of the key components in the circuit for the 2015 calendar year and beyond. His

Custom Auto built engine is equipped with CP forged pistons, Carrillo rods, concrete in the

block, head studs, alternate firing cam, push rods, billet mains, 40% over injectors from

Industrial Injection and a dual CP3 kit from them as well, all powered by an S475 Borgwarner single turbo. In many ways Caden Knight’s truck is a standard of what every aspiring

dyno competitor wants to follow in their own private builds. Putting his truck on Custom Auto’s

mobile dyno before the circuit began yielded an impressive 765hp, vaulting him to the top of

most Single Modified Turbo Class trucks.

Looking forward Caden commented, “I want to become a top competitor against Dmitri, Custom

Auto, Industrial Injection, and others with impressive trucks. I plan on doing a lot to my truck in

the near future to really come out strong next year.” Remembering his sponsors and those that

helped his truck build, Caden said, “Thanks to Custom Auto, Industrial Injection, and StarLite

Diesel for helping me out.”

“I have always, since I owned my first diesel and as I originally dynoed my truck, been a fan of

dyno events and putting my truck on the rollers. Especially in the last three years as I have had

a lot of fun and met a lot of new people. It’s a lot of fun. The Northwest Dyno Circuit has opened

my passion for diesel engines and trucks.”