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Featured Member: Irvin Quezada

Irvin Quezada is a member of the Northwest Dyno Circuit and is an active participant and competitor, attending as many of the different events that he is able. Located out of Star Valley, Wyoming, Quezada is, in many ways, the epitome of the majority of the competitors in the Northwest Dyno Circuit, driving his daily driver and towing truck to the different events around southeast Idaho and northern Utah. Quezada has attended several events in the circuit for the ’15 calendar year and plans on attending many more in the near future.

Quezada’s 2001 GMC Sierra hasn’t been overly modified yet, and boasts only a few changes and additions most, if not all, diesel truck owners should consider mandatory for their ride: a lift pump, intake and exhaust, and a custom tune. When he bought the truck it had a blown head gasket and working with Custom Auto he replaced the gasket and added head studs to the rebuilt engine. Working with Dmitri Millard at No Zone Diesel, and expecting to continue upgrading and modifying his truck, Quezada had a new transmission built, ready for any new power he might add … and looking ahead he already is planning on installing either a larger single modified turbo, or an upgrade to the engine with new twin turbos.

“I’m competing for the fun of it. I like going to the different events and meeting new people and enthusiasts that are into diesel as much as I am,” said Quezada of the Northwest Dyno Circuit events. “I love it. I have a real passion for everything diesel. I have been into diesel trucks and engines since I was really young; it’s a real passion for me. I am trying to attend as many events in the circuit as I can.”

When asked about the current state of his truck, Quezada made a point to mention the diesel shops that helped him enter the circuit. “Thanks to the crew at Custom Auto and the Northwest Dyno Circuit, and Dmitri Millard from No Zone Diesel for the transmission work.”

After attending the No Zone Diesel, Redshift, Industrial Injection, and Gorilla Performance events, the highest horsepower his truck has achieved was an impressive 538hp at Redshift for the Stock Class, making Quezada a competitor to watch.