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Adrenaline Performance Dyno day Recap

Shelley, Idaho, is the home of Adrenaline Performance, and the location of the most recent Northwest Dyno Circuit event. With an in-house dyno and the portable NWDC dyno at the event, this was one of the more heavily attended events on the circuit in Southeastern Idaho.

The Northwest Dyno Circuit has partnered with Adrenaline Performance for years, running dyno events and growing diesel sports and high-performance diesel trucks. Founded in 2008, Adrenaline Performance has made a name for themselves in the diesel industry with their transmission work, custom turbo kits, and EFILive tuning they offer.

The Adrenaline event marked the first time that Taylor Brendle, the current point leader of the Single Modified class, lost. Shawn Baca, representing Industrial Injection with a new take on his race Cummins, unleashed a massive 1194 horsepower on the dyno on fuel alone. Opening up the nitrous in an Unlimited Class run, Baca came in third with 1400 horsepower at the wheels. The Unlimited Class winner was Industrial Injection’s race truck piloted by Baca, running a Compound Turbo setup, with 1545, and 1360 on fuel. Also for the first time this season, Custom Auto’s blue truck finally worked out most of the kinks in its new build setup, and performed well, hitting 1251 horsepower on fuel, and 1445 with nitrous.