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Meet the Sponsors - Alligator Performance

Founded in 2005 in Las Vegas by Chad and Jayme Hall, Alligator Performance is now located in the resort city of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Known throughout the automotive industry as one of the largest diesel aftermarket companies in the US, Alligator Performance is one of the key supporters of dyno events and competitions throughout the Intermountain West and in the Northwest Dyno Circuit.


“We've hosted our own dyno events for the last five years, and working together with Custom Auto and the Northwest Dyno Circuit, we’ve had their mobile dyno present every time,” said Jason Kuenkler, director of purchasing and Event Coordinator at Alligator Performance.  “Given the expertise, dedication, and influence of Custom Auto and the Northwest Dyno Circuit, we decided to sponsor to encourage the growth of the industry.” In addition to sponsoring the entire circuit, Alligator Performance has also included their annual dyno event into the circuit, which will be held on Sept. 5th & 6th It will be held over two days at the Kootenai County Fairgrounds to include Dyno, dirt drags and sled pulls.


With a catalogue of over 21k products, Alligator Performance has nearly any part by nearly any manufacturer of aftermarket parts. Alligator Performance is a proud sponsor of the Northwest Dyno circuit, especially offering numerous aftermarket parts that are apart of nearly every diesel truck that is dynoed on the circuit. Featured products include being premier dealers for EFILive tuners, Industrial Injection products, ATS parts, EDGE--including their new CTS2 tuner, Alligator Performance carries just about every product imaginable from every manufacturer and producer of parts and components.


Since sponsoring the Northwest Dyno Circuit, Alligator Performance has already noted an increase in social media interactions, phone calls, as well as coverage in Diesel World magazine on their participation at ATP’s dyno event on May 16th.

Looking to the future, Kuenkler also noted, “We will continue sponsoring the circuit, promoting the diesel industry, the vibrant aftermarket, and helping outfit new trucks and truck owners with the modifications they want on their trucks.” Given the history and the passion for performance vehicles, there is little doubt that Alligator will continue to grow and become increasingly more predominant in future dyno events and circuits.