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Featured Member: Taylor Brendle

Taylor Brendle is one of the youngest competitors in the Northwest Dyno Circuit, and is also the current point leader in the Single Modified Turbo class.

When asked what he’s got going under the hood of his ’01 Single Cab Duramax, Taylor listed off a laundry list of modifications … those that he could remember. “I have an S480 Single turbo, Cobra Injectors from Industrial Injection, CP-Carrillo pistons and rods, ARP head studs, Dual FASS pumps, dual stroker CP3s also from Industrial Injection, Nitrous Express system, a No Zone Diesel Transmission built by Dmitri Millard, and EFI Live tuning by Jeremy Pierce”.

But that’s not all. He also has numerous plans for the future for his truck. “Future plans include roll cage, and get it ready for the track. It is getting painted right now and will have a totally new look.

“I joined because I like to dyno the truck,” Taylor said. “It is one of the coolest things that I do. And to compete for in the point system?! It was kind of a no brainer.”

Thinking of his different sponsors, he called out, “Thank you to all of my sponsors, FASS, Sinister Diesel, EDGE, Industrial Injection, ARP, CP-Carrillo, ATS Diesel, and High Tech Turbo.”