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Meet the Sponsors - Titan Fuel Tanks

Titan Fuel Tanks the newest sponsor of the Northwest Dyno Circuit and title sponsor of the “No More Talk, Walk the Walk” June 27, Event in Pocatello, Idaho. The first event to be hosted by Titan Fuel Tanks and the Northwest Dyno Circuit, the event marks Titan Fuel Tanks debut into sponsoring diesel dyno events, and diesel sports.


“For us it’s real easy,” said Mike DeFord, Marketing Director of Titan Fuel Tanks. “The NWDC fans are our customers. And like them we are diesel enthusiasts. We like going fast. For us it’s a natural fit to go out and hang out on the weekends with the guys that we deal with. We’re the same guys.”


Titan Fuel Tanks was founded in 2003, and this marks what will be the first of an active involvement in diesel sports and the diesel community for Titan. Working in the industry offering increased volume over stock fuel tanks, Titan Fuel Tanks are popular in all diesel applications, from towing and hauling, to sled pulling, racing, and other applications.


“This is our first consumer marketing venture that our company has ever done,” said DeFord. “We have slowly started changing marketing direction in the last seven months since I have come on board. Getting the brand in more consumer events, consumer activities, truly engaging in our customer base has become an important priority for us. It has made getting involved easy.”


“Custom Auto has always installed our products, and they’re good guys, when they launched this whole things, the NWDC, it was a no brainer for us to join.”


Titan Fuel Tanks has two messages that they are trying to let everyone know about the company, the brand and our products, they are built with pride and quality materials.  Everything is designed and built here in America. Their product is made with superior materials and is useful for everyone that owns a truck. And they are easy to install. Instead of taking a week to install, it takes only a couple to a few hours. It can be done with hand tools in a driveway or professionally installed at places like Custom Auto.


With this entrance into the diesel sporting community, stay tuned to Titan Fuel Tanks involvement in future events.