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Featured Member: Shawn Baca

Shawn Baca is not only a member of the Northwest Dyno Circuit and a serious contender in the Single Modified Class, he is also the lead mechanic for Industrial Injection.

Working with some of the biggest names in the aftermarket industry, Baca has built one of the most impressive trucks in the country. Featuring a Industrial Injection Competition Cummins, Carrillo rods, Mahle Forged pistons, Full CNC head and a ZZ FAB intake manifold, Baca’s truck sets 1190 on fuel, 1400 on spray.

“Basically from the first run out of the shop to last year it posted insane numbers near the end of the season,” according to Baca. “I just barely got it back together to hit that dyno. Before it was hitting over 1500 on nitrous.”

Constantly attending every event he can, Baca continues to be a prime contender of the Single Modified Class, and is eyeing to dethrone the current points leader of the Single Modified Class, Taylor Brendle of Custom Auto.

“From last year to the new build this year we went with different fueling, bigger injectors, triple CP3's, and a different cam, but as far as set up goes, it is pretty much the same,” said Baca, and yet his truck continues to surprise the NWDC and even his own expectations. “It’s a great truck and I am expecting even more from it in the upcoming events.”

With the race on to his 2000 horsepower and the different events lining up, Baca’s truck has plenty of time to carve out first place in its class, as well as to set horsepower records most people did not think was possible with just a single turbo.

Sponsors of his truck include StarLite Diesel Tuning, RKL Diesel Performance Transmissions, Fass Fuel systems, SBS Diesel, and Nitrous Express. Working together with Industrial Injection and building such an impressive truck is par for the course for this serious contender of the NWDC.

“I just wanted to attend the circuit. It’s fun to be around there with a truck. I’ve been with the Northwest Dyno Circuit for some time and wanted to be a part of their growth and success.”

Thinking of the competition and the future, Baca stated, “It’s pretty much show up and hit the rollers.” With what he can do with his truck, that was an understatement.