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Titan Fuel Tanks Diesel Festival

June 27th in Pocatello, Idaho, was Titan Fuel Tanks, United Pullers, and the Northwest Dyno Circuit’s combined dyno event, snow machine races, dirt drags, and sled pulls. One of the biggest events of the NWDC, this brought in sponsors from miles around and drew one of the biggest crowds of the NWDC to date. With vendors and sponsors representing both a local and national presence, “No More Talk; Walk the Walk” event was a smashing success.

With presales of tickets throughout the month of June, radio ads, and social media coverage, Power City Productions brought in an event that will remember throughout the 2015 calendar year, involving diesel sports and competition in a new light and collaboration of the NWDC. Not since working with the NHRDA at “Diesel on the Mountain” in Denver, had such a crossover event occurred, and for this first time it was brought by the same production team that has organized and grown the NWDC.

“Pocatello was a true test of what the NWDC and Power City Productions could do when forces were joined,” claimed Brandon Pierce, Director of the Northwest Dyno Circuit and Power City Productions. “This was our first large scale event that included Dirt drags, dyno and sled pulls. Working with UTTP was a great asset to the success of the event. With the NWDC and Power City Productions joined together, we plan to bring a lot more to all feature NWDC events. So stay tuned! We've only just begun.”

The Pocatello Fairgrounds was the perfect place for the event. Working with Bully Dog for several years, the local people and Fairgrounds knew exactly what to expect and set up a prime course, ready for the diesel trucks and their owners to highlight their power and pulling capacity.

At 8 AM, sharp, the NWDC started registration and dynoing trucks. Processing over 40 trucks, the dyno was busy all morning and afternoon until the races started. Representing the Single Modified Class, Shawn Baca took first snubbing out Taylor Brendle, the current points leader for the class. Verlon Southwick, representing EDGE Products, was also present and posted over a thousand horsepower. With numerous stock trucks, specialty Single Modified Turbos and the engaging Compound Classes stepping up their builds to post even better results, the dyno circuit is in full swing and continues to grow, attracting the most powerful horsepower trucks in the nation, and quite possibly the world.


Commenting on the weather, Shawn Baca, a growing favorite of the Single Modified Class and the Unlimited Class spoke of his experience, “It was way hot, and I was surprised that the turbo made the power that it posted. I took first in the Unlimited and the Modified Single, 1497 and 1134 horsepower. Since starting the circuit, I have added a FASS fuel pump to my truck, they picked me up as a sponsor recently. I am expecting more great things from my truck and the circuit.”

With Titan Fuel Tanks as the headline sponsor, they were front and center at nearly all the events of the day. Welcoming the audience and the contestants as they entered the Fairgrounds, Blackrock Accessories, one of the local sponsors, and Jack’s Auto Body also rounded out the vendor presence at the front gate. By the beer garden, Evaporated Technologies, another local vendor, was located in the food court, with a beer garden as well. Local radio stations were present, broadcasting the event, as well.


“For TITAN it was an amazing event, to get out there, hang out with all of our customers, talk to new customers about the large capacity fuel tanks we make,” said Mike DeFord, marketing manager of Titan Fuel Tanks. “We had a lot of fun and look forward to hitting some additional NWDC events in the coming weeks.”

“While the temperature was REALLY hot, the heat at the event, be it on the dyno or on the track with the drag racers and sled pullers was insane. It was a great day to get out, show off our large capacity fuel tanks and make some new friends.”

“Seeing the quality of competitors show up from hundreds of miles away was very impressive. Many of the heavy hitters were there for the dyno, drag races or sled pulling and some took part in all three. It is impressive to see how well the NWDC has been received and how well they are respected by competitors that run virtually every event on the West Coast.”

Also debuting at “No More Talk; Walk the Walk” are the Ladies of the NWDC. Taking advantage of photo opportunities and forming the basis of the upcoming calendar for the 2016 season. The events and planning of Power City Productions and the NWDC is just starting to be realized, as the sport continues to grow and attracts more attention.

As the day wore on, the snow machine races began at two o’clock displaying the power and performance of the snowmobiles on the dirt tracks. After they concluded trucks lined up for the single elimination dirt drags. Continuing with the diesel sports celebration, the United Tractor Pull began at 6:00 and continued until after 9, with nearly forty trucks taking to the course and demonstrating their power.

Marking the end of the first Power City Productions and Northwest Dyno City event, the June 27th day was a smashing success for the circuit and should build upon the upcoming Idaho Falls event in a little over a month. With the dyno circuit in full swing, every event and point is important in establishing the leader who will eventually take the points prize. Also, the race to break the 2000 horsepower record is still underway with a purse left to grab and all of the bragging rights that comes with owning the truck that first broke the barrier.

We look forward to seeing even more people and competitors at the next Power City Productions and NWDC event!