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Meet the Sponsors - Industrial Injection

Industrial Injection is a sponsor of the Northwest Dyno Circuit, representing powerful injection technology that boosts diesel engines horsepower and performance to record levels. Industrial Injection designs, manufactures and delivers the best products by utilizing their years of hands-on experience and passion with their advanced technology. Offering pumps, injectors, turbos, engine and transmission parts and components, Industrial Injection has built a name for themselves in the aftermarket industry as a supporter of performance enhancements and a major part of the diesel sports community.

Founded in 1985, Industrial Injection has grown with the popularity of diesels in general. A family operated business, Industrial Injection started building fuel injectors at a local shop before opening their own business. Servicing construction, agricultural, over-the-road trucking, and mining equipment as well, Industrial Injection works in all aspects of the diesel industry.

Branching into the diesel sports community has been an important part of the growth of Industrial Injection. Realizing the popularity and the impact that diesel sports has in defining the growth of their business, Industrial Injection has branched into being a major supporter of diesel competitions and dyno events and is a nationally recognized brand.

Every year Industrial Injection hosts a dyno event that the NWDC is a part of. Working together with the foundations of the dyno circuit since the beginning of the NWDC, it was a natural fit for them to continue their growing partnership.

“We have a great relationship with the NWDC, and they have supported us throughout out the years, said Paul Koziol, marketing director of Industrial Injection. “We look forward to continue to grow with them. We will continue to sponsor. People want high horsepower diesel engines. We plan to be a part of the growth of the circuit, dyno events, and diesel sports.”

With their dedication to improving the performance of diesel vehicles, and spreading awareness of diesel sports and competitions, Industrial Injection is one of the big sponsors of the Northwest Dyno Circuit and the great diesel community. Industrial Injection continues to grow, offering new parts and components for new makes and models of vehicles, both recreational, commercial, and for industrial applications.