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Meet the Sponsors - SuperFlow

SuperFlow Dynos and Flowbenches is proud to be a sponsor of the Northwest Dyno Circuit. SuperFlow is one of the most trusted names in dynamometers, flowbenches, and transmission tst and remanufacturing equipment in the industry, and being one of the leading producers of dynos in the world, it was a natural fit for them to join the NWDC.

The mission of SuperFlow is to provide the best test equipment available with the best support possible. As one of the primary manufacturers of dynos in the world, they are truly leaders and innovators in the growing dyno events and motorized sports the world over. Working with the NWDC was a natural fit as they designed and produced one of the only mobile dynos in the country, which is owned and operated by the NWDC.

“Supporting the Northwest Dyno Circuit was a natural fit,” said Mike Giles, marketing manager of SuperFlow. “They go to all of the diesel shops and even different locations with their mobile dyno bringing awareness of dyno competitions and growing the diesel aftermarket. It’s a great way to get my product in front of potential customers.”

Sponsoring motorsports and being involved with high performance machines is not new to SuperFlow. Their dynos and products are used in various motorsports throughout the world, including NASCAR, Jay Leno’s Garage, BMW, Hendrick Motorsports, and even the US Military. SuperFlow is the parent company and includes the brands Axiline, Hicklin Engineering, Dynamic Test Systems, SuperFlow Dynamometers and Flowbenches, and TCRS (Torque Converter Rebuild Systems).

Talking about the NWDC and building the circuit to fully legitimize dyno events and dyno competitions, Giles said, “The NWDC is putting in a valiant effort and I am all for it. The growth of diesel sports and all motorsports, is an important aspect of our company and continued growth.”

“We offer the premiere chassis dynamometer for diesel performance, and practically all motorsports. Offering the largest mobile dyno in the industry, we are interested in seeing dyno sports and competitions continue to receive support from the community and our team.”

At the NWDC we thank SuperFlow for everything that they do and have done to create and promote dyno sports and our circuit.