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Meet the Sponsors - MBRP

MBRP is the leading manufacturer in high performance exhaust systems for today’s most popular import and domestic vehicles, including diesel trucks and other diesel applications. With nearly two decades of experience in the performance exhaust industry, MBRP is one of the largest and most recognized names in the aftermarket. Delivering increased performance and quality products, MBRP made a name for themselves manufacturing the best-selling snowmobile silencer of all time before branching into other industries. Today, MBRP is recognized for their superior products and their support of motorized recreational activities, including diesel sports and competitions.

Relatively new to supporting diesel sports, MBRP is making a big name of themselves by jumping right in and getting involved in the diesel aftermarket and competitive sports in all aspects. The vision of the Northwest Dyno Circuit, to build a dynoing series and to codify and legitimize dyno competitions, is a goal that MBRP shares and wants to promote.

“The bulk of 2015 and 2016 mantra is ‘Fueled by Motorsports’, which is the primary motivation behind our involvement in the series,” said Jesse Rohr, the US sales and marketing director of MBRP. “It doesn’t matter what application we are into, from commercial to recreational vehicles, we want to be a part of the success and entertainment in all aspects of motorsports.”

Since becoming increasingly more involved with recreational motorsports, MBRP has jumped right into several aspects of motorsport competitions, including the insanely popular dirt drags and sled pulls.

“We spend a lot of time around diesels and drag racing, and it made a lot of sense to get involved,” Rohr continued. “We haven’t really been into dynoing before and it felt like a natural progression in supporting the diesel aftermarket and industry.”

Seeing the growth of the NWDC and the increasing popularity of dyno events in the diesel aftermarket, Rohr states, “We are supporting an area of interest for people that make our jobs possible by supporting the NWDC. We would certainly love to continue our involvement with the Northwest Dyno Circuit in the future.”

With a continued dedication to provide superior products and a determination and commitment to the growth of motorsports, including diesel drags, pulls, and dyno events, MBRP will continue to support and grow with the diesel competitive aftermarket.