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Meet the Sponsors - Nitrous Express

Nitrous Express is one of the biggest names in nitrous powered aftermarket diesel products. Offering more boost and power than any turbo can achieve, nitrous is a popular aftermarket addition to any diesel truck as it increases the horsepower and torque of the vehicle on demand, when needed. Because the power boost provided by nitrous injection, a special class, the Unlimited Class, was created for the Northwest Dyno Circuits, and from nitrous fed diesels the highest horsepower records are attained.

As an aftermarket only product, Nitrous Express is a huge supporter of all diesel sports and competitions. “To get our name out in front of everybody and the dyno circuit is our target market,” said, Ryan Lewis, marketing manager a Nitrous Express. “Most diesel systems are Nitrous Express; most other companies don’t market in the diesel industry.”

Filling the unique niche of performance and competitive diesel trucks and engines, Nitrous Express is heavily involved and invested in the growth of the Northwest Dyno Circuit, and all diesel sports and activities. “I’m sure we’ll continue to sponsor the dyno circuit, I don’t see why we wouldn’t: it’s been great so far. Keep up the good work, you all do a great event.”

Branching out into new products, Nitrous Express is also pleased to be offering a new line up of water-methanol kits. While traditionally water-methanol kits are used to control the temperature while hauling heavy loads long distance, Nitrous Express provides water-meth kits specifically designed for diesel sports applications, making them ideal for any and all dyno sports and sled pulls.

Nitrous Express has grown under the direction and vision of Mike Wood, the owner. Offering the highest quality components, Nitrous Express has made a name for themselves by not offering off shore parts with untrustworthy guarantees. 99% of all Nitrous Express products are assembled in the USA, and are tested and proven reliable and functional before being shipped to customers. Offering real insight into the horsepower and performance gains of their products, Nitrous Express can turn any daily driver and work truck into a performance beast and a true competitor on the dyno and in other competitive events.