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Meet the Sponsors - Screamin Diesel Performance

Screamin Diesel Performance is one of the sponsors of the Northwest Dyno Circuit, and a growing name in the Duramax and Allison transmission aftermarket. Focusing on the raw, potential power of the Duramax engine, SDP is most known for their online store as well as the different trucks that they assist in building.

“We’re basically a Duramax and Allison only shop,” Scott Helpenstell, president of Screamin Diesel Performance, said. “We build single turbo, twin kits … which is our bread and butter …  a lot of Allison Transmissions. We make transmission kits and build them here. We are mostly an online shop. We also make intercooler kits. We also do full builds on trucks as well. We build motors, and everything else.”

SDP opened in 2009, and since that time has continues to grow. Located out of Washington, SDP is a sponsor of the NWDC and is working on becoming a recognized name and brand in the diesel industry.

“We went to the ATP Event, and after that we started discussions with the NWDC. It’s a good feeling to me, because of their marketing, and how the circuit is growing. I thought it was fitting for us to sponsor the NWDC, as we have a lot of customers that participate in the circuit and whatnot.”

Commenting on their budding relationship with the NWDC and participating in future dyno events, Scott commented, “We plan to definitely continue to support the NWDC. We were able to make it happen for this year, and we will definitely be back next year for the 2016.”

“We have a number of trucks, and I have my own personal LML, that posted over 1000 horsepower at ATP Dyno day. GTX42 in the valley, and 106mm as well.” Without going into specifics, Scott also mentioned, “We also have a stock ’01 LB7 that posted over 700 horsepower. We also have a race truck in the works and will be ready next season.”

With the growth and continued success of the NWDC, we expect to see more of Screamin Diesel Performance, especially as their turbos and trannies continue to be used by numerous drivers of the NWDC.

“This is what we do; this is what we love.”