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Meet the Sponsors - No Zone Diesel

No Zone Diesel opened a little over a year ago, in December of 2013, by Dmitri Millard. Before opening his own business, he was traveling and building trannies throughout the country.

Reflecting on his time growing No Zone Diesel, Millard, owner of No Zone Diesel remarked, “I was always all over the place, even when I was up there.” Located in Orem, Millard is still constantly on the road. He is one of the largest distributors and users of SunCoast Diesel Transmissions, and stands behind his craftsmanship and the materials he uses.

“I sponsored the NWDC, because a dynoing sport has been my passion for over a decade. And I am excited to be a part to turn it into something more,” according to Millard. “I have always wanted this to happen, and it was a no brainer sponsoring and working for the NWDC to promote and grow dyno awareness as a sport in the industry.”

No Zone Diesel and Millard have gained a great reputation throughout the industry, both for this bombastic personality, but also for the quality of the work that he performs. “Our everyday strive is to build our customer the best transmission that we can that is proven to hold, like in my truck and other high horsepower trucks.” Millard practically guarantees that the transmissions he builds will have material failure before craftsmanship failure, and looking at the impressive numbers his builds attain on the dyno, Millard easily backs up his claims with his work.

Passionate for the growth of the diesel aftermarket, Millard is a strong proponent for the growth of diesel sports and the overall community. “What the NWDC is doing should be recognized on a national level for their efforts for trying to better the dyno sport by adding another entity and rules to follow. What they are doing extends beyond their circuit and into the greater diesel industry.”

“I will absolutely continue sponsoring the NWDC. I have been working with James Brendle for over eight years building up the dyno events in the intermountain west, and plan to continue growing with the events.”