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Live A Little Diesel Show

Saturday, July 11th, in Rigby, Idaho, the Northwest Dyno Circuit joined forces with the Western Grand National Pulling Series, for a dyno event, dirt races, and tractor pull. In the small sleepy town of Rigby, some of the highest horsepower trucks in the NWDC met to post serious horsepower, to drag race, and for a tractor pull.

With a strong representation from NWDC members Jon Walker, Irvin Quezada, Lyle Richmond, Taylor Brendle, and Kody Pulliam Saturday’s event saw some incredible horsepower from the NWDC, while dynoing a host of local diesel enthusiasts and their modified trucks.

Jon Walker, sponsored by Industrial Injection, qualifying for the 6.4L stock ford Class laid down a quick 698 horsepower, taking first in his class. In the Single Modified Class, Taylor Brendle hit an impressive 1014 on fuel alone! Also challenging the Open Class, incredibly Brendle’s truck only gained five more horsepower for 1019 horsepower. Custom Auto’s Blue truck was running strong and hit an impressive 1337 horsepower on spray.

There was some excitement and disappointment when Lyle Richmond with Bully Dog blew his charge pipe to the intercooler on his run. Building up for his first run on the dyno, Richmond pressed down the pedal, attempting, of course, to take first in his class and having a machine that could easily place, ending his run with 892hp. Richmond removed his truck from the dyno and started working on it to be ready for the events later on in the afternoon.

The weather was perfect, and by mid afternoon clouds had moved in from the south lowering the temperature just in time for the dirt drag races. From the Northwest Dyno Crew, Brandon Pierce, and Kody Pulliam, raced in the stock class. Kody took third in the overall stock dirt drag events.

For the event, the NWDC collaborated with Live A Little Productions and the Western Grand National Pulling Series. “It was a great weekend, actually,” said Skyler Neibaur, CEO of Live A Little Productions. “All of the different events that we had going on all came together well, and we had an enormous turnout, with over 7,500 people present. It was a great event we had in Eastern Idaho.”

Truck pulls were both Friday and Saturday nights, though the NWDC Dyno event was held on Saturday morning.

“We want to thank all of the sponsors,” Neibaur continued, “to the local community, to the Northwest Dyno Circuit, the competitors and the audience that attended the event, really making it special.”