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United Truck and Tractor Pullers

Saturday, July 25, 2015. In the quaint town of Tremonton, Utah, United Truck and Tractor Pullers held another event at the Box Elder Fairgrounds consisting of sled pulls, dirt drags, and dyno competition alongside with the Northwest Dyno Circuit. The event was a huge success. Even on a blazing hot day like this, diesel enthusiasts from Tremonton and the surrounding areas, powered through and fought off the heat with high energy, so they could show off their trucks.

Beginning Friday, the UTTP crew was firing on a cylinders with their sled pulls that evening.

Continuing on Saturday the Dyno was the first event of the day starting at 9:00 a.m. with the great roars of the diesel engines that rattled our spines, we started to see high numbers in horsepower in each of the classes! Once again NWDC member Kody Pulliam dominated the stock class with an insane 608hp, and Jon Walker, also an NWDC member, walked away (pun intended) with the win in the Stock 6.4 Ford class with 657hp! The single turbo class had plenty of heavy hitters this time around, but Taylor Brendle was able to hold his 1st place spot with 976hp. NWDC member Justin Archibald made out in 2nd place in his big bad 1011hp Cummins, and NWDC member Lyle Richmond in 3rd with 885hp for the twin class. After the Dyno, Dirt Drags Began. At 11:00a.m. the Dirt Drags started off with contenders getting a feel for track, and racing whomever they wanted. Half an hour later the races were ready to start. At this time a large crowd of  people consisting of friends, family, and locals had gathered to fill the bleachers in support of the contenders. With a great crowd, it gave our contenders more motivation to win which led to some magnificent drags. Last up was the sled pulls which lasted the rest of the evening. This allowed previous contenders from the last two events to put their diesel trucks up to the ultimate test of raw power. By pulling as much weight as possible it would show who truly had the strongest truck.

When the end of the event had come around everyone had settled down and without the tension of wanting to win anymore it gave everyone a chance to socialize a bit. Laughs were had, and friends were made. Once again, the United crew had put on another great event, and the NWDC was honored to be a part it!

This weekend we will be headed to the small town of Aurora, Oregon where Vision Diesel Performance will be holding their 2nd Annual dyno day!