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Rocky Mountain Diesel Shootout

National Association of Diesel Motorsports

For some good number of years, fans and lovers of Diesel Motorsports have always made their way to the Rocky Mountains to witness the exciting annual drag race and dyno competition. The event is held at the Rocky Mountains Raceway in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was another incredible day this past 16th August when local diesel supporters turned up in big numbers at the track to experience another wonderful event hosted by the Industrial Injection. Many people showed up despite the record breaking heat wave that overwhelmed the state of Utah. The competitors were not left behind as they got a break for their diesel day in the scorching sun as temperatures revolved around the 90s.

A blend of 4,300-ft elevation in the race track and 90-degree temperatures added a share of difficulty to some trucks that attempted to spool huge turbos in the hot air. Both on the drag strip and Custom Auto Supeflow chassis dyno. Even though there was such a high heat, Ron Knoch of Diesel Motorsports expressed his happiness and delight to the large crowd of more than 1,500 spectators who turned up for the show. The number even rose to higher than 2,000 for the evening’s drag race when the summer sun set resulted in a cooler temperature.

Things started early with the NWDC Dyno Circuit action. Custom Auto out Idaho Falls is the key to conducting the portable dyno throughout the Western region for some good number of years. They have always got trucks on and off with less amount of time between different runs. In this event, the greatest horsepower of the day went to Kody Pulliam in his Stock 550 HP followed by Jon Walker in his 6.4 Class. In the modified Single Taylor Brendle took the lead followed closely by Shawn Baca in his Twin Turbo-1500 HP and unlimited -1869 HP. As you can now see, Shawn Baca is on a new quest to get 2000hp on the Dyno. With him changing his setup from a single to compounds, which significantly increased his chances of hitting that goal.

Besides running alongside the dyno competition there was the Show N’ Shine competition where best of Show was taken by Stubs Homsombath -2003 Dodge 2500. Randy Weaver won Best Ford with his 1962 Ford F100. The best Dodge went to Casey Ingersoll with his 2001 Dodge of 2500, and the Best Chevy /Dmax went to Ray Farnsworth with his 2006 Chevy of 2500.

The E/T Bracket category was the largest of the night with an average daily driven street trucks commanding at the tree. The first place went to Verlon Southwick with his 2006 GMC, and the second place went to Jeremy Pundt in his 2006 Ram R.375. Both guys displayed and proved their skills at the staging lights. But it was Verlon Southwick who carried the win with a 12.434 dial time at 87.80.

The 12.0 Quick Diesel heads-up has become another great competitive class in the drag racing runs. The one who is closer to 12.0 E/T without moving faster wins the class. It is a class that needs skills as a driver and excellent knowledge in truck potential and abilities. The final round went to two well-experienced racers Corbin Humphries taking the first spot in his 2004 Dmax and Darryl Atkin taking the second place in his 2006 Chevy. Corbin Humphries came out as the champion running a 12.366 and Darryl at 12.875.

In the Unlimited class Heads –up competitors begin at a pro staging tree. There are no time restrictions to stick to; it is all about you hammering down on green and hope you are the first to the stripe. In this class everything goes beyond the power adder; therefore big nitrous bottles and massive turbos are what define the level. The champions of the day in the following race were Dallas Hunt with his 2001 Chevy finishing at 13.911 and Jarid Vollmer in his 2006 finishing the second. Both trucks ran an impressive speed during the night with Hunt running 9.8 at 149 mph and Vollmer running 8.89 at 159 mph. The above tracks had large number of crowds on their feet. It was among the crowd favorites. 

Overall, it is true to say that the whole team with the Diesel Motorsports and Rocky Mountain Raceway. With the remarkable assistance by the Industrial Injection organized a successful event despite the extreme weather conditions of the day.