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MVP Diesel Dyno Day

Going DYNO in Burley written by: qualityL Last weekend saw the quaint city of Burley, Idaho return to the Triassic era. Giant monsters of days passed descended upon the Cassia County Fairgrounds for the latest Northwest DYNO Circuit (NWDC) event. Dnyo tuning is a modern means of getting amazing outputs from pickup and big rig trucks, and the 2015 MVP Diesel Performance of Burley saw these prehistoric trucks on full display.

What Makes a DYNO

Words can't describe the close bond that Dyno creates between man and machine. It takes dozens of hours to tweak a truck until it's ready to compete in these epic events. Only the most dedicated gear heads should bother to enter these competitions, because Dyno pushes trucks beyond any previously established thresholds. Most Dyno trucks are outfitted with huge shocks, massive tires and unique graphics. However, it's only under the hood that matters, because these competitions are all about horsepower. These competitions are about introducing a lot of aftermarket parts to the truck and they're all about tweaking and adjusting the truck's tuning until it's belching out more power than even the manufacturer thought was possible. It takes months of tuning and experimenting to garner the types of amazing results yielded at the 2015 Dyno Day.

Gearing up for A Dyno Sized Event

The 2015 MVP Diesel Performance of Burley Dyno Day was an event dedicated to some of the most impressive trucks in the country. MVP Diesel Performance of Burley specializes in repairing and tuning diesel engines, so they're the ideal hosts for an event of this caliber. Obviously, trucks with more powerful stock engines will yield the most impressive results so the Dyno display is divided into several different categories. The most advanced mechanics compete in the Compound division which features the most powerful trucks in the competition. The NWDC was well represented in this competition as the first and second place competitors both belong to the organization. Verlon Southwick was able to crank out 1,010 horses in the competition, but this impressive number wasn't enough to best fellow NWDC member Justin Archibald.

The stock class was won by Tim Fleenor who's truck was able to put out 611 hp. Another popular class in these competitions is the single turbo class. Twin turbos are more commonly found within cars, but 8 cylinder vehicles are able to get a tremendous boost from a single fuel driven turbine. This class was won by Chris Lutey, and Alex Waterson was able to win the stock 6.4 Ford class. His powerful engine cranked out 554 hp, which is astounding for a stock motor. The most powerful truck in attendance at the event was Randy Reyes's 1400 hp+ Dodge Dually. Though this truck didn't compete in the Dyno competition, the owner of Randy's Transmissions crushed the competition in the dirt drag races. The fans in attendance marveled at this truck and the sheer power it displayed. Even event coordinator Brock Catmull (owner of MVP) was surprised by the impressive turnout of this year's event. However, he has vowed to take proactive steps to ensure next year's event is even more successful. With help from the NWDC, this event could become one of the most popular on the circuit.

What is the NWDC

Dyno is one of the fastest growing areas of motorsports, but the events remain largely unorganized. The NWDC is dedicated to seeing the sport become more unified as these events become more and more popular. There has never been an organization that allows Dyno competitors to earn points for competing in events. Like all motorsports, Dyno competitors, deserve the right to prove themselves over the course of a season. Anyone can have a great day just as anyone can have a below average day. Fortunately, the NWDC rewards points to everyone from 1st to 10th. At the end of the season, the top competitors are allowed to compete in a championship to determine the king of the monsters. NWDC is also improving the overall standards of Dyno, by introducing new safety protocol. This organization also offers unique marketing for the hosts of DYNO events to ensure the competition is lucrative for all involved. Most of all, the NWDC makes sure the competitors receive the recognition they deserve as they compete for supremacy. These events may one day become as universally popular as F1 racing, because they display the limits of human ingenuity.