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Hunting 4 Horsepower

Anyone can buy a truck, but only a select few can push them beyond their pre-established limits. The manufacturer makes the vehicle, but tuning makes the truck. The thought of a 1,000hp pickup truck is enough to make most motor enthusiasts drool. Even powerful trucks like the factory F-250 diesel max out at about 440 horses beneath the hood. Quadrupling this lofty number once seemed like an impossible feat, but the Northwest Dyno Ciruit (NWDC) launched a challenge a year ago to shatter the 2,000hp threshold. The NWDC is the only premiere league for Dyno competitions, sanctioning events and bringing order to the sport. Some of the worlds' greatest mechanics accepted the lofty challenge, and the results were rather surprising. 

Leading up to the 5th Annual Hunting for Horsepower 

The 2014 Dog Days of Summer almost saw the2,000hp mark fall last year. Custom Auto of Idaho Falls came extremely close to shattering all existing records when their diesel cranked out an impressive 1800+ hp, but they haven't been able to duplicate that success. Fueling system and other upgrade issues have hampered their efforts to crack the 2K ceiling. Dmitri Millard of No Zone Diesel has also come very close to achieving the 2khp dream, but that next level eluded even him. Dyno tuning involves tweaking an engine until it reaches levels that were once thought to be impossible. Dyno testing registers the monstrous outputs that these beasts crank out. It seemed that posting 2,000hp would forever remain a fantasy, because the world's best had already given it their all. Custom Auto and No Zone Diesel are some of best names in the business, and they hadn't conquered the NWDC challenge. Fortunately, other race teams were undeterred by the shortcomings of previous attempts.


Industrial Injection Inspires Others


The 2khp threshold will go down in history with a similar mystique as the 4 minute mile. It was thought to be impossible until someone actually did it. Once others saw Roger Bannister run an entire mile in less than 4 minutes in 1954, they knew that they could do the same. Therefore, all fans of Dyno owe a debt of gratitude to the Industrial Injection race team. These innovators in the sport where able to post the elusive 2khp. Unfortunately, their Duramax achieved this feat at an event that wasn't sanctioned by the NWDC. Industrial Injection had proven that they could cross the 2khp threshold, and they were determined to post the world record at an official NWDC event. 


Records Fall at Hunting for Horsepower


Shawn Baca would display his Cummins at the 5th annual Hunting 4 Horsepower event. This 2 day extravaganza was a complete display of human ingenuity as their were dirt drags and sled pulls. The adrenaline was flowing freely as feats of strength and power entertained the crowds. The event was hosted by Alligator Performance of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. However, the Dyno display was the highlight of the event, because people were anxious to see the record fall. Saturday began with the Dyno, because people had already waited years for this day. Baca was strapped to the Dyno first, and a huge crowd gathered around to cheer. Baca showed restraint on his first run, giving his tuck the opportunity warm up. He cranked out 1,500 ponies without the use of nitrous. During the second run, Baca unleashed he Nitrous, and the results were incredible. His truck was able to crank out an additional 600 horses, propelling him to 2,106hp. This was just short of television star Mike Murillo's record of 2,200+ hp at the 2014 SEMA show in Las Vegas. 


This year has by far been the best for the entire Dyno circuit. The NWDC has tested over 800 mean machines from all across the country. People are getting more addicted more excited about the sport and the numbers prove it. The NWDC has logged over 1 million total horsepower this season, and Circuit is still in its infant stages. If this monumental growth continues, Dyno competitions will become as big as the epic lizards who bore the same name.