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Weekend on the Edge

Shawn Baca's Fire Breathing Dyno written by: qualityL

Ogden, Utah was cast back into the Triassic period when molten monsters showed up to exhibit their power. The 2015 Weekend on the Edge was a collaboration between the Northwest Dyno Circuit and Edge Products. Edge has long been a big supporter of the NWDC, and this latest event has only served to strengthen that bond. 



Taking performance to the Edge



Edge Performance has been associated with the sport of Dyno since the very beginning. They have not only the tools and parts but also the knowledge and advice to help any pickup truck unleash its inner-beast. Edge shares the NWDC's passion for pure adulterated power, which is why the two organizations exist so well together. Anytime these two promoters of all things diesel put an event together, it's guaranteed to be epic. Dynoing is the art of tuning a truck to reach unbelievable levels of performance, and the NWDC is the only organization that sanctions Dyno events to give them legitimacy. The world's finest mechanics work had to push their vehicles beyond the limit, and the NWDC ensures the best is recognized at the end of the season. Given their respective enjoyment of Dyno events, it's no wonder why Edge and the NWDC have collectively hosted such successful events. However, no one could have predicted such an awesome turn out to the 2015 Weekend on the Edge. 



Displaying Dyno-Might



The sport of Dynoing is growing faster than anyone could have imagined, and the Weekend on the Edge proved it. There were actually more than 100 different trucks that showed up to be tested. It was so intense that Edge had both of their Dyno machines running in conjunction with that of the NWDC Dyno. This was the most amazing day in the history of Dyno as a truck was tested every three minutes. Edge also put on a sled pull, another event that displays the raw power of a Diesel. However, the highlight of the weekend was Shawn Baca showing up to smash his own incredible world record. 


Right Baca at It


It took nearly two year to cross the 2,000hp threshold, but Shawn Baca finally did it at the 2015 Hunting for Horsepower event. Baca's remarkable Cummins cranked out an epic 2,106 horses, propelling him into the world record books. Word of this amazing accomplishment spread across the northwest like wildfire. Rumors that Baca would attempt to break his own record is probably responsible for the more than 100 trucks that showed up to the Weekend on the Edge. Needless to say, the pressure was on the current world record holder to at least duplicate his past success. However, Baca was determined to show everyone in attendance that he could improve upon his own outstanding mark. 


Records Were Made to be Broken



After taking more than 2 years to accomplish, one would think the first Dyno tested at over 2,000hp would stand for at least a few months. However, Shawn Baca wanted to treat the people of Ogden to a great show and that's just what he did. This time, Baca showed he was still improving upon perfection posting 2,168hp and right under 3,000 ft/lbs. of torque. Baca pushed the truck past its limits, and his turbos ignited and exploded. Pieces of debris were sent flying as the 2006 Dodge Ram exploded into flames. Fortunately, no one was hurt, but the spectacle was almost as impressive than breaking the record. The good news is Baca accomplished his lofty goal. The bad news is it might take weeks before the world's most powerful Cummins is ready to compete again. This set back may hurt Baca in the seasonal standings, but the explosion has certainly made him a living legend. Everyone in attendance was expecting to see something spectacular, but no one ever expected a fire breathing Cummins to steal the show.