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GOS Performance Dyno Event

GOS Performance Dyno Day

GOS Performance is a beloved diesel and transmission shop that is a local staple in Livingston, Montana. This family run business is operated by Aden Mcdonnell (AKA Steve), with a larger than life personality coupled with excellent mechanic skills; it’s no wonder why people from all over flock to his shop for all of their car and truck needs. Having never met a stranger, Aden was excited when he learned that the Northwest Dyno Circuit expressed interested in hosting their next to last run of the season at his shop. After he excitedly said yes, the event was booked and on September 26th, the NWDC ran its 24th (and last in the states for the season) of 25 events in front of Aden’s shop. The turnout of fans surpassed everyone’s expectations and the parking lot quickly filled with people from all over the country who were excited to spend their Saturday watching trucks compete. The day of the event, Aden opened the doors of GOS Performance at 8 a.m. so he could personally welcome fans and friends to the event with a fresh, warm cup of coffee and delicious donuts. Not only did this allow Aden to make new friends, but it gave fans a chance to get early, priority seating for the event that opened at 9 a.m. It also meant that they didn’t have to wait in long, boring lines to get inside. With perfect weather, the smell of burnt rubber, warm coffee, delicious track foods, and sounds of diesel trucks filling the air it was hard not to smile and enjoy the fantastic day.


While the event was full of stars, exciting dyno competitions, and trucks with some impressive horsepower, the person that really stood out from the crowd was Shawn Baca of Industrial Injection. The day of the event, fans learned Shawn’s Cummins hadn’t been performing up to par and was having some issues. From the sounds of the troubles, nobody would have been surprised if he had opted to back out of the competition but as far as Shawn was concerned, that wasn’t an option. He decided to give it his best go and whatever happens would happen. One way or another he was getting on that dyno. He completely shocked everyone when the busted Cummins not only pumped out an impressive 1693 horsepower, but took 1st place in unlimited earning Shawn and his shop some serious bragging rights. Not to be outdone by Industrial Injection, Custom Auto entered its two favorite trucks into the competition. Luckily for Custom Auto, both of their trucks were in great shape and it really showed the moment their rubber touched the dyno. Everyone knew they would place well in the competition, but nobody knew exactly where they would sit rank wise. Those trucks respectively placed 3rd in the compound class, 2nd and 4th in unlimited class and they were able to secure the coveted 1st place in the singles class. Needless to say, Custom Auto brought back some awards and prowess to their shop. Always a crowd favorite and Northwest Dyno Circuit member, Chris Rosscup showed up to the event proudly representing Deviant Race Parts. The moment his Duramax touched the dyno, the crowd went crazy before holding their breath in anticipation to watch the truck do its thing. Nobody was surprised at all when the beast pumped out 1300 horsepower, which meant Chris Rosscup secured 2nd place in the event much to the approval of his adoring fans. Last but certainly not least was Justin Archibald who is not only a NWDC long time member, but also the current leader of the compound class which has made him a household name among dyno and NWDC fans alike. On the dyno, Justin snagged 4th place in the compound class, propelling him even closer to the season champion cycle!