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Industrial Injection Dyno Day 2016

Industrial Injection has been pumping out some of the highest horsepower diesel trucks in the country

and their annual dyno day was one of the biggest of the NWDC circuit last year. It comes as no surprise

that this years would have just as many impressive trucks show up to flex their muscle as they have

years past. This year, running three dynos simultaneously the Industrial and NWDC crews were able to

strap almost 70 trucks before the rains came down mid-afternoon.

The Welderup guys from Discovery Channels 'Vegas Rat Rods' has a few cars on display including a

Caterpillar powered tracked monster. The Cummins powered Cuda 'Torc' from Weaver Customs was on

display along with Premier Performance's 12V Cummins powered 'Six Pack' Rat Rod and a bunch of

other show trucks for the spectators to drool over. Vendor Alley was setup between the dyno locations

so everyone could speak to company representatives and learn a little more about their next upgrade.

In the 6.4L Power Stroke class Taylor Wood took first place with a very impressive 645hp thanks to that

factory equipped twin turbo setup under the hood. Stock Turbo class went to Austin Elmore with 557

horsepower. In the Modified Single class, Ultimate Callout Challenge competitor, Dan Madden won top

honors at 940hp. In Compound Turbo, Mike Mikstes' Duramax made a second place 1,271hp run, just

barely behind the winning 1,282 from Jason Schaffer. In the big dog Unlimited Class, the Industrial

Injection sponsored Duramax of Trevor Peterson had the overall biggest number of the day at 1,357hp.

Even though a rain storm cut the event short, Industrial Injections event was a huge success with plenty

of torque to go around and smiles and good stories coming from every corner of the shop and parking

lot area. Who could've imagined a dyno event that would require three chassis dynos to get through the

line of trucks backed around the building and down the street. You'll only see it here with the North

West Dyno Circuit.