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Featured Member: Nick Cross

Nick Cross

Nick Cross from Powell Wyoming has been attending the Northwest Dyno Circuit events for two years now. He began his own business a year ago called Cross Diesel Performance to help support his family after the oil field market slowed down.

Nick drives a 2007 Chevy 2500 with a built motor from Adrenaline Performance out of Shelley Idaho. He has a 3794 65mm/billet s480 80mm twin turbo setup from Screamin Diesel Performance. He also has a transmission kit from Screamin Diesel Performance with billet input shaft and billet C2 hub upgrade. From PPE Nick has up pipes, manifolds, and a dual fueled CP3 setup. Injectors from Dynomite Diesel Performance capable to fuel to 1100 horsepower, which is an 80% over stock setup. Nick also has EFI Live tuning from Idaho Rob at Adrenaline Truck Performance.

His truck is driven daily and is driven to and from the events with his family. Nick is just shy from 1000 rear wheel horsepower while competing in the small twin class of the Northwest Dyno Circuit. Nick says, “I really enjoy going to the dyno competitions and getting my name out there and meeing new people in the industry and new customers.” He is continuing to try and reach his goal of winning in his dyno class at the end of the Circuit.

Nick currently has no sponsors and has worked hard to pay for every part on his truck. He currently is a dealer for Premier Performance, Adrenaline Truck Performance and Screamin Diesel Performance. His business does built transmissions in house with Screamin Diesel Performance kits that he builds himself. They also do injectors, transmission work and repairs, truck repairs and trouble shooting. His new shop is being finished and he hopes to be completely functional within the next month. If you are in the Powell area, make sure to check out Cross Diesel Performance and help support someone who has been so dedicated to the Circuit.