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Driver Spot light: Justin

Justin “Tiny” Archibald

            Justin Archibald from Willard Bay, Utah has been an active Northwest Dyno Circuit member for two years now. Tiny also helps out the Northwest Dyno Circuit by backing trucks on, strapping them down, and running the computer when an extra hand is needed. He is currently working as a Sysco truck driver and has been for six years now. He is married and has two little girls.

            Tiny drives a 2006 Dodge Mega Cab. He still has stock internals. Tiny has a Diesel Power Source twin kit, with a High Tech 69mm turbo with a Bullseye 80mm turbo. His fuel upgrades come from NWDC sponsors Fass Fuel Systems, as well as a BD Diesel CP3. He has 100% over stock Exergy injectors. He has EFI Live turning from NWDC sponsor Starlite Diesel.  Justin also has drop in head studs and heavy duty valve springs. His truck is a six speed manual transmission with a triple disk Val air clutch.

            Justin's truck is a full time daily driver. If he isn't at an NWDC event on the weekends, he is pulling his camper in the summer and during the off season for the circuit is pulling is snowmobile trailer. He says, “ I like the Northwest Dyno Circuit because I get to meet and know new and different  people and Northwest Dyno Circuit sponsors every weekend.” Tiny is currently sponsored by Northern Utah Diesel Experts out of Logan Utah. He would like to thank Northern Utah Diesel Experts and his wife and girls for supporting him and letting him be a part of the Northwest Dyno Circuit.