ATS Diesel Let It Roll Dyno Day and Gauntlet Challenge.

ATS Diesel Let It Roll Dyno Day and Gauntlet Challenge

Over the weekend we had the chance to join ATS diesel for their annual dyno day held at their Aurora, Colorado facility.

ATS diesel has held this event for many years now and has recently added what they call the Gauntlet Challenge. The Gauntlet Challenge is an event where they call out the top dogs to see who can walk away with the highest horsepower and torque. There is a $500 Buy in which each competitor has to pay beforehand, and winner-takes-all. This year during The Gauntlet challenge 10 drivers stepped up to the challenge. Each competitor got 30 minutes on the dyno, if they went past that time they would be disqualified. Luckily this year there were no major mechanical failures, as there were the last few years, and there have been a few who didn't make it home in one piece.

What the highest horsepower and torque combined of the day, Randy Reyes won with an incredible ATS record-breaking run 2121 horsepower and 2727 torque, from his trusty red Cummins nicknamed "Red Delicious". Runner-up Justin Andres came in with an impressive 1767 horsepower and 2898 torque!

The regular guys who don't have a 1500 horse plus truck had the opportunity to run On Auto Trends dyno out in the parking lot. It was a great turnout with almost 80 trucks running on the dyno. From the different classes starting with stock Chevy Cody Kleman won first place with 615 horse and 1278 torque. For the stock Dodge class, John Bagley won first place with 503 horsepower and 1073 torque. Stock Ford class was Won by Dustin Hapl with 556 horsepower and 1277 torque. For the small single class Trent Hibbard of Diesel Doctor won with 729 horsepower and 1356 torque. Large single class was won by Heath Whitman with 913 horsepower and 1553 torque. Small twin class was won by Gus Jacobson with 1006 horsepower 1738 torque. The big twin class was won by Cody Thompson with 1227 horsepower and 2188 torque. The unlimited class was won by John Millard who dynoed 1164 horsepower an 1468 torque.

ATS not only had the dyno going on they had many vendors come out and support the event.

With tons of awesome trucks to look at and vendors showing off new products the ATS Diesel dyno day drew in hundreds of people.

If you haven't attended this event you better mark it on your calendar for next year because it is one you won't want to miss.

ATS Diesel Let It Roll Dyno Day and Gauntlet Challenge

POS Driver HP TQ
1.Kody Kleman615.91278
2.Garrett Curry5601070
3.Matt Davis5271143
4.Cade Price4991180
5.Kyle Miller

Stock Dodge Presented By

POS Driver HP TQ
1.John Bagley5031073
2.Jarrod Hasenbalg497994
3.James Porter464940
4.Chad Loos457969
5.Blake Gettman450944
6.Michael Stratton396844
7.Aaron Demay343649
8.Jordan Mersman340733
9. Edward Ryan317711
10.Adrian Sanchez
11.Mindy Howell
12.Micheal Stratton
13.Phil Gee
POS Driver HP TQ
1.Dustin Hapl556.21277.4
2.Ruger Fisher5421171
3.Jason Pace4921083
4.Lyndon Fortuna441873
5.Mitchell Bartels406752
6.Ryan Skahill383875
7.John Randle
8.Andrew McLorance
9.Grayson Kissell
10.Kolby Brooks

Small Single Presented By

POS Driver HP TQ
1.Trent Hibberd7291356
2.Darin Dutton7291615
3.Andrew Meyr7241289
4.Aaron Zigler7161483
5.Dustin Willey6821325
6.Cody Wiescamp6811384
7.Vincent Parker6671337
8.Reid Cruickshank6601191
9.Olan Rom645.41325.4
10.Phil Gee6431350
11.Tyler Kipp6071290
12.Matt Cooke534969
13.Wyatt King5021116
14.Jordan Kobielusz4491014
15.Manuel Perez422774
16.Tristan Keator417882
17.Tyler Mattson406790
18.Blake Leduc348.3736.3
19.Colton Lambert328691
20.Cody Griffiths 325693
21.Kody Pulliam
22.Darin Dutton
23.Darin Dutton
24.Reid Cruickshank
25.Ryan Gillman

Large Single Presented By

POS Driver HP TQ
1.Heath Whitman9131553
2.Sean Wacker7201144
3.William Dosantos646890
4.Deric Knox6111311
5.Dusty Morgan5301079
6.Darin Dutton

Small Twin Presented By

POS Driver HP TQ
1.Gus Jacobson10061738
2.Tyler Baker9041317
3.Tammy Cannon 8911682
4.Kyle Spain8491791
5.Adam Quain7241504
6.Dylan Manuello7171488
7.Verlon Southwick710.51559
8.Rachel Hicks6681283
9.Austin Myers633.71337.3
10.Oakley Bond546963
11.Travis Kurz5141105
12.Brandon Berkenkotter4911049
13.Parker Stebakken377764
14.Verlon Southwick
15.Austin Myers
16.Garet Wood
17.Dan Lee

Big Twin Presented By

POS Driver HP TQ
1.Cody Thompson12272188
2.Joel Morris10681881
3.Chet Corzine9121736
4.Josh Leiss
5.Josh Leiss
6.Taylor Brendle

Unlimited Presented By

POS Driver HP TQ
1.John Millard11641468
2.Steven Oneil 11122010
3.Lenny Reed10751635
4.Taylor Brendle
5.Justin Andres
POS Driver HP TQ
1.Randy Reyes21212727
2.Justin Andres17672898
3.Jared Delekta16792437
4.Wade Boyd15702452
5.Chris Rosscup13932367
6.Brett Marcum12432306
7.Jason Scheffer12222283
8.John Millard12791833
9.Stephen ONeal12201541
10.Derek Blerot6891038